Do you want to take your team to the next level? Recruit your co-workers to run a Spartan Race. There’s nothing easy about doing a Spartan race, but your team will overcome these challenges together. You’ll go back to the office with some great stories (and bruises). Let’s be real, it’s a hell of a lot more fun than the company softball game.

Team building on a Spartan course will create a common learning experience, add resiliency, and improve team communications. Spartan has tools to maximize the return on your investment in your team; keep reading to learn more about the SpartanFit Corporate Challenge App, Team Workout Plans, and the Spartan X Leadership Forum.

When signing up as a VIP team, your account representative will walk you through the registration and payment process, help you secure a start time (based on your preferences and availability) and send you information on how to redeem your included passes onsite at the race. All you have to do is submit one payment for the entire team after everyone has signed up.

Let us know you are interested in creating a team and we will get you set up as a captain so you can start getting your teammates committed. Choose from the three options below.

Corporate Package

Race Entry
Merch Discount
30 Day Training Program
Concierge Services
VIP parking

VIP Package

Race Entry
Merch Discount
30 Day Training Program
SpartanFit Challenge App
Concierge Services
VIP parking

Premium VIP Package

Race Entry
Merch Discount
30 Day Program
SpartanFit App
Spartan X Forum
Suite Access
Concierge Services
VIP parking

A team with a minimum of 10 members must be paid for in one payment in order to qualify.

What are Stadion Events?

Is there anything more All-American than a trip to the ballpark? Take advantage of this chance to compete on the same playing field as some of your favorite athletes.

Bring your favorite summer pastime to a new level with Spartan Stadion. Take on 5K and 20 obstacles at your favorite team’s home stadium. From Fenway Park to AT&T Stadium to Wrigley Field, there’s a stadium for every sports fan.

Conquer a huge variety of obstacles, take a lap around the warning track, do your push-ups in the locker room, dash up and down stairs, and see the ins and outs of some of America’s most celebrated stadiums.

What are Sprint Events?

This course might be short, but don't be fooled...these 5K will change your lives. The Sprint is an all-time Spartan favorite because it is the perfect distance. Whether you're starting your Spartan journey or returning to crush your last finisher time, your team will make memories that will last way longer than the course.

You'll crawl under barbed wire, climb 8-foot walls, dominate the rope climb and leap over a fire pit. Plus, you'll all be one step closer to earning your Trifecta...just a Super and a Beast to go.

30-Day Training Program

The 30-day training program is designed to set your team up for success. Whether your teammates are aiming to improve their finisher times or looking to increase their confidence on the course, this plan will get your entire team to the finish line. All three VIP team packages include:

  • Private Facebook group to interact directly with Spartan Coaches
  • Pre-program fitness assessment
  • Daily Workouts delivered to your inbox
  • Instructional videos to help you conquer Spartan obstacles

SpartanFit Corporate Challenge

Keep your team connected each day by taking advantage of the SpartanFit Corporate Challenge mobile app. Both the VIP Package and the Premium VIP Package include access to the app so your group can run your own 30-day corporate challenge to encourage co-workers to lead a healthy and active lifestyle every day. Points are earned by inputting daily water intake, uploading photos of yourselves at the gym, meeting step goals, completing guided breathing exercises, detailing your healthy meals and completing workout challenges.

SpartanX Leadership Forum

The Premium VIP Package includes an exclusive experience with access to LeadershipX events held at select Stadion events throughout the year. With this opportunity comes the chance to meet some of the most influential people in fitness and corporate leadership. Your SXLF entry includes:

  • VIP access and a private tour at an iconic national sports complex
  • Learn the Spartan Principles and how to execute them in your organization and life
  • Interact with industry leaders in your area
  • Collaborate with leading companies’ executive teams
  • Take home a toolkit to share with your community and organization
  • Enjoy healthy snacks and drinks over inspiring conversations with other attendees


Your Account Rep will be in touch with you shortly with more details.


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Interested in race entry only? Learn more about our team discount option here.

Valid for Continental U.S. Races only. Valid for new registrations only. Team must be paid for in one payment in order to qualify. Must be paid for a minimum of 30 days in advance in order to qualify. Processing fees do apply. Incentives subject to change based on venue.