No timing chips. No start lines. Hurricane Heats are a team-based mental and physical gauntlet overcome only by pushing beyond your perceived limits and fully relying on your team.


The Hurricane Heat is a team-building event that teaches cohesiveness and camaraderie by pushing participants — we call them Students — to their physical and mental limits over four or twelve-hour operations.

As a Hurricane Heat Student, you will carry out a variety of individual and collaborative missions with complete strangers. These missions will establish how well you can work as a team, how well you can think creatively and how far you can push your body.

The Hurricane Heat was founded in August 2011, after Hurricane Irene forced the cancellation of a Spartan race. Despite the storm, racers still sought a challenge. So Spartan Founder and CEO, Joe DeSena, rallied 150 athletes crazy enough to gather at 5:30 AM during a hurricane to begin a three-hour onslaught of sandbag carries, burpee waves, ruck of over four miles.

Let us be clear. This is not a race. Hurricane Heats require you to bring your own equipment. There are no timed heats. No finish lines. This is a mental and physical gauntlet that will test your skill, willpower and team collaboration. This will be unlike any challenge you’ve faced yet, and we guarantee you’ll walk away with pride, satisfaction and unbreakable bonds.

Scroll down to learn more about each operation and how Hurricane Heats have been adjusted for COVID-19.



The number of Hurricane Heat Students will be limited to allow for appropriate distancing, and Students will complete tasks and challenges while six feet apart. Students must collaborate with their team and encourage one another from a safe distance.

Sanitization and Masks

Hand sanitizer will be available for use at the event. Spartan staff will wear masks at check-in, and when maintaining a six-foot distance is not possible. Students are encouraged to do the same. You must sign up online prior to the day of the event. Pay attention to your gear lists provided in advance. From seven-foot poles to cinder blocks, you never know what you may be asked to bring with you.


Respect the dignity and grit of everyone on the Hurricane Heat course. Be mindful of other people’s boundaries. Respect calls made by Spartan staff and other Students, cheer each other on and get ready to safely push yourself to new heights.


The Hurricane Heat 4 Hour is the shorter of the two Hurricane Heat operations. It’s designed to push Students to greater personal distances. Out here, you’ll quickly learn the value and true meaning of overcoming mutual challenges through teamwork. You’ll discover the unbreakable connection between unity, resilience and success. Your team will learn to motivate each other uniquely, collectively accomplishing more than any individual could.

The Hurricane Heat is the shorter distance, but is by no means less challenging. Every second out here is a step towards your transformed self. It’s up to you to make each moment count.


The Hurricane Heat 12 Hour is a unique operation engineered to test the most hardened endurance athletes. This event attempts to break you mentally, intellectually and physically. Your team will face an onslaught of unique challenges: physical and mental tests, nonlinear problem solving, morality, teamwork and individual performance under physical duress.

Hurricane Heat Students will endure 12 consecutive hours of physical and mental challenges. This is one of Spartan’s most difficult, grueling events. However, you and your team will emerge on the other side of the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour completely transformed.


Hurricane Heats always bring out the best in me, whether I’m in a personal rut and doubting myself or conversely in peak shape brimming with confidence. You’ll never know unless you try.

- Craig

I love doing Hurricane Heats because, unlike Spartan races, you never know what challenges you’re going to face. You will be challenged to do things that you never even thought of before, let alone think they were possible for you to do, but somehow you find a way. Whether it’s through teamwork or just sheer determination, you figure it out. It’s helped me grow in ways I didn’t even know I needed to grow.

- Beverly

My first event DNF (did not finish) was in a Hurricane Heat in Chicago on a very hot day. I dehydrated, due to a leak in my water pack. Having to give up and tap out was painful, as I am someone who finishes things. In retrospect though, I learned that I’d rather fail and learn, and have the chance to do it again, as opposed to never trying and never knowing. About a month after DNF I did complete a Hurricane Heat at the next opportunity.

- Tom