The Ultra

50K, 60 Obstacles

Traditional ultra running meets Spartan racing in the Spartan Ultra - 50K of technical trails and 60 grueling obstacles, with special extra Ultra surprises.


The Ultra may be set on a beautiful course, but it will demand strength of body, mind, and spirit to finish. With 50K and 60 obstacles, this is a true test of resilience. It is the longest timed distance in Spartan racing and the epitome of endurance.

There are only a few Ultras each year, so the event has an exciting, unique, and electric atmosphere. From Hawaii to Andorra to Iceland, the Ultra is held in some of the most epic locations around the world. With leg-crushing climbs, breathtaking views, technical running sections, relentless obstacles, and tough cutoff times, you’ll hate it and love it all at the same time.

What to Expect

Expect the unexpected when it comes to the Ultra. This 50K course is longer than a marathon. Mix rugged terrain and 60 obstacles into the equation, and the Ultra race becomes a force of nature. Spartan race directors use every bit of the landscape to create a uniquely beautiful challenge. You are going to be on course for a while, (so bring your headlamp). While we strongly recommend wearing a hydration pack and bringing some energy fuel, you’ll also have a checkpoint station to refuel.

The Ultra is the toughest race that can count towards a TRIFECTA (in the place of a Beast). Complete three races: Either one Stadion or Sprint, one Super, and either one Beast or Ultra in a calendar year and you will join the TRIFECTA Tribe.



Finishers Receive

Finishing a Spartan Ultra is an amazing feat and the most rewarding feeling. What you thought was impossible now seems within reach. It will change your frame of reference.

When you cross that finish line, we're going to reward you with high fives, athletic recovery fuel, and some great finisher SWAG. You’ll get a Spartan Ultra finisher athletic shirt, and an Ultra TRIFECTA wedge - bringing you one step closer to your TRIFECTA medal. Instead of the standard Spartan medal though, Ultra finishers will receive a signature Ultra finisher belt buckle. You’ll also get free professional photos (available post race), race performance statistics and unlimited bragging rights.

Ready to Race?


Registration Choices

There are three different race categories for the Spartan Ultra:

  • ELITE:

    • The most competitive category, the Elite Heat usually takes off at 6:00 am for the Ultra. Racers in the Elite Heat are eligible for cash prizes and Elite rankings. For more info, see the Elite Category FAQ.

    • After the Elites take off, it’s time for Age Group. Racers will only compete against racers in the same age bracket. The Ultra Age Group usually starts at 6:15 am. The top three finishers in each age group receive awards. For more info, see the Age Group Category FAQ.
  • OPEN:

    • The Open category takes place immediately after Age Group, generally between 6:30-7:00 am. Racers are assigned a specific start time 10 days prior to race day. Open is for all skill levels and teamwork is encouraged. No prizes are awarded for these start times.

All Finishers Receive

  • Spartan Ultra Finisher Shirt
  • Spartan Ultra Finisher Belt Buckle
  • Spartan Ultra TRIFECTA Wedge
  • Free Professional Photos (available online after race)
  • Athletic recovery fuel
  • One free alcoholic beverage (where permitted)
  • Unlimited bragging rights

Top Three Elite Racers Receive

Regular Season Ultra Races (Top 3 Male & Top 3 Female):

  • First Place: $500 and Gold Delta Award
  • Second Place: $200 and Silver Delta Award
  • Third Place: $100 and Bronze Delta Award

Top Age Group Racers Receive

The top 3 men and women in each of the 10 Age Groups are awarded a medal and are recognized on the Spartan podium at the awards ceremony on race day. No cash prizes.

Age Groups:

  • 14 - 17
  • 18 - 24
  • 25 - 29
  • 30 - 34
  • 35 - 39
  • 40 - 44
  • 45 - 49
  • 50 - 54
  • 55 - 59
  • 60+