People from all walks of life travel to the most remote parts of the world to experience the most physically and mentally challenging, and culturally immersive, once in a lifetime adventure. This is based on the ancient Greek trial of the same name.

There’s nothing else like Agoge. From the savannah of Namibia, the steppe of Mongolia, the frozen tundra of Iceland, to the jagged Great Wall, you’ll face brutal trials; mountain crossings, diving for clues, boma building, nomad wrestling, and more.

What You’ll

Agoge has nothing to do with swag, although if you graduate you’ll earn the coveted Agoge medal. Agoge is about new experiences that will forever change your view of yourself, and the world. It has literally transformed people’s entire lives.

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Featured Obstacles
Nomad Archery
Cliff Diving
Battle Mode
Shaman Trials
Lost In The Bush
+ Many More
The Challenge

Your best preparation will be to complete several 12 hour Hurricane Heats, but Agoge’s length with lack of sleep makes it difficult to train for. You’ll need to work on your extreme endurance, spending long hours on your feet, completing complex tasks on no sleep and minimal food. Above all, your mind must be ready to endure one of the hardest trials of your life.

Each Agoge has a specific gear list that will be assigned to each student. Moving fast and light in all conditions, with a minimalist mindset to equipment while still carrying all items essential for survival, is a core philosophy. If you have backcountry experience, you’ll be familiar with much of the gear. Don’t worry if you do not - you’ll soon find out.


Students of past Agoges have cast spells with witchdoctors, transported whiskey barrels across the highlands of Scotland, navigated the ancient trails of the Marathon Monks, learned the warrior methods of Genghis Khan, gone freediving with a Navy SEAL, bartered supplies with Greek farmers, and spent days on permit-only remote sections of the Great Wall of China with a renowned explorer. The Agoge is not cheap, but for these kinds of unique experiences, it’s ridiculously low priced. Most of the things you’ll do on Agoge you can’t pay to do. Spartan also makes no profit putting on these events - we do it because it’s our passion, and it’s in our DNA.

Watch this video on Agoge Mongolia.

You certainly can, just remember that anything goes on Agoge (you may not always be experiencing the exact same things), and first and foremost this experience is all about challenging you personally. That said, having some friends to travel with to remote corners of the globe makes a huge difference, and we recommend it.

We’ve seen shredded special forces guys quit Agoge, while mothers of twins and amputees make it through. There’s no telling who will make it. Having a strong mind will help, but remember - Agoge is designed to break the strongest of minds. After that is where the personal growth, and evolution, really starts to happen. If you’re fit and healthy, you are encouraged to sign up.

Check out Spartan Agoge on social media and ask some of the graduates about their prior experiences. Agoge students form bonds for life, and are a friendly bunch. Many people will be glad to help you.